Our story

Founded by vets.
For vets.

VetPartners was established in October 2015 with three practices, including Minster Vets in York, where our CEO and founder Jo Malone was a director and vet.

Jo’s previous experience of being part of a larger group was not positive, so she decided to establish a new group herself that would reflect values she holds dearly like being respectful, working in collaboration, supporting each other and being dedicated and approachable.

She has fostered a culture of warmth and belonging at VetPartners and has a passion for caring for pets and their owners, while developing the people she works alongside.

The group’s motto, We Are Family, sums up the close working relationships at VetPartners and our practices.

After building up a strong base of small animal practices, the group quickly expanded to include equine, mixed and farm practices, and diversified to include other businesses, including a veterinary nursing school, laboratories, a locum agency and pet crematoriums.

In 2019, VetPartners’ growth stretched into Europe, with five practices in Italy, and since then the group has further expanded in Europe.

VetPartners has invested in new practices and veterinary hospitals, including Farnham Veterinary Hospital in Surrey, Woodcroft Veterinary Hospital in Cheshire and Valley Veterinary Hospital in South Wales.

The group is also investing in new equipment for practices, including MRI scanners, CT scanners and digital x-ray machines.

Our exciting story has only just begun.


"Our ethos at VetPartners is that care needs to be centred around achieving the best possible outcomes for each client and patient because that will make us a success and investing in teams and practices enables us to achieve that."
Jo Malone
Chief Executive Officer