​Major £100K-plus investment makes horse sense for North Yorkshire vets

​Major £100K-plus investment makes horse sense for North Yorkshire vets

THE Minster Equine Veterinary Clinic has invested more than £100,000 in state-of-the-art equipment.

Minster Equine, which has units in York, Ripon and Malton, now boasts the most up-to-date technology after investment in new digital X-ray machines and ultrasound equipment.

The new equipment is completely wireless and doesn’t need a power supply so can be used by vets when visiting clients at stable yards, instead of owners having to go to the trouble and expense of transporting horses to the practice.

The mobile X-ray unit is battery-powered, which is a huge advantage as it means electricity is not required at stable yards.

The total cost of the equipment is £118,000 – the biggest investment by Minster Veterinary Equine Clinic, which looks after racehorses, competition horses, pleasure hacks and children’s ponies throughout North Yorkshire.

The X-ray machines will be used on lame horses to diagnose orthopaedic problems, including joint problems, laminitis and arthritis. The ultra-sound machine, which replaces an older model, will help with soft tissue injuries and abdominal and pelvic problems.

Minster Equine Director Gemma Dransfield said: “The new equipment will enable us to offer the best possible service for clients, and because it is fully mobile and transportable, it enables our vets to work out of their car boot.

“The image quality of the equipment is phenomenal because it uses the latest software. Not having wires makes it safer to use around horses and it is quicker and more efficient than traditional technology.

“Having this technology at our fingertips is a huge advantage for our clients as you can have diagnostic work carried out at a stable yard. The fact that you don’t need electricity makes it safer and much easier for places where there is no generator.”

Mrs Dransfield added: “There is further investment in the pipeline to ensure we continue to provide a great service for our clients and their horses.”

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