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Making caring for patients easy and enjoyable

We want your job of caring for patients and clients to be as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Whether you’re thinking about retirement, looking to bolster your practice or simply want to hand over the business side of things so you can focus on being a vet, we can help safeguard the future of your practice and, most importantly, the people within it.


Practice owners have joined us for a variety of reasons – and they haven’t regretted their decision

  • To secure the future of their practice and, most importantly, the people within it
  • To ensure their practice is in safe hands whilst being able to reduce their working hours or focus on other interests
  • To realise the full value for their practice even if they then want to stay on
  • To join our management team to help make our vision of becoming the vets of choice in the UK a reality
  • To be part of our clinical board addressing the challenges inherent in ensuring a high standard of care without removing professional independence

If you like the sound of VetPartners, why not call us for an initial chat?

You can contact us in confidence to discuss why we are becoming the preferred choice among practice owners.

Jo Malone

M: 07939 857893
T: 01904 202228

I’d thought about the progression of the practice for a long time and when VetPartners came along they were offering a very different solution, and the way they were looking at trying to work fit very closely with how I’ve always run a practice. That’s the reason why I sold to VetPartners.

Paul Wilson

Wilson Veterinary Group

When we’ve been building the practice over may years, we needed a level of comfort that our staff would be well looked after and that the practice would continue to develop. We were impressed with the people we spoke to, they knew the challenges we were facing and have a good handle on where the future lies for Veterinary practices.

Mike Hall

Braid Vets