What does the programme look like?

The Graduate Development Programme will be delivered over 2 years and is open to all NGVS that join VetPartners within the first year after qualifying. It is also open to those returning to work after a period of time away from practice and graduates from overseas that may not have a good knowledge of the realities of practice life in the UK.

Year 1

In year 1, it’s all about providing a thorough grounding in the practical aspects of daily clinical practice by focusing on the common presentations.

Areas covered will include amongst others:

  • Lameness
  • Skin and ear disease
  • GIT disease
  • Topics in feline medicine

The modules will have a clear focus on identifying clinical problems, communicating with the client, recommending investigation and/or treatment as necessary.

Year 2

Consolidate the advances made in Year 1 with graduates developing a sense of veterinary practice as a business with the client/pet at its core. The modules aim to develop vets that are effective and efficient employees that estimate and bill correctly for the work they have done, develop a sense of professional pride in the work they do and place a value on this.

Further development clinically has a focus on less common presentations such as exotic medicine, treating animals on a budget and an intensive introduction to imaging.

At the end of Year 2 we should have veterinary surgeons that are competent, confident vets with the ability to cope with the spectrum of daily life in general practice.

The VetPartners Graduate Programme is really helping me settle into my new job as a vet. I feel I am improving, gaining more confidence and dealing with cases better, thanks to the programme.

Aisling Rylan

Woodcroft Vets

The graduate scheme is helping my development because the topics have been well thought out and are ones that we see in day-to-day practice.

Charlie Mellor

Woodcroft Vets