Frequently asked questions

​Why join VetPartners?

This is probably best answered by practices who have already joined. See why they decided to choose VetPartners on this short film.

Will my staff be looked after?

The priorities for VetPartners are its people, clients and their pets. We want to ensure that all our colleagues across the group feel valued and we recognise the importance of investment in CPD, equipment and facilities.

How long does it take to sell my practice?

The sale of a practice can vary in length depending on the complexity and readiness for sale. The best approach is to start the ball rolling and have a chat with us.

Will my practice change its name?

No – We embrace individuality and encourage practices to have their own identity.

What type of practices are you interested in?

We look at all types of practices of different sizes across the UK. The best thing to do is to have an initial chat with us.

How do I tell my team about the sale of the practice?

We’ll provide you with support to do this, whether it’s printed material or videos or face to face. You’ll be supported all the way.