Camelid Formulary

Camelid Formulary

It is challenging to find evidence-based dosages for llama and alpaca treatments – particularly as no medications are licensed in camelids.  

With this in mind, VetPartners have published an open-source camelid formulary, complete with referencing. In doing so, we hope to give practitioners peace of mind when dealing with potentially unfamiliar species, while upholding the health and welfare of camelids under their care.  

This formulary has been compiled and reviewed by our Camelid Clinical Interest Group, led by Dr Ami Sawran BVSc CertAVP (CP) PGCertVPS PhD MRCVS, a certificate holder in advanced camelid practice, and will be reviewed annually. 

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You can access the formulary here

Note: Doses are for both alpacas and llamas unless differences are specifically stipulated. There are no licensed medications for camelids, so all are prescribed under the Cascade. Safety and efficacy data are not available. The authors take no responsibility for the accuracy, efficacy or safety of the doses provided, nor for any adverse reactions following administration. Owners should be advised of the above, including any known risks of use and signed off-licence consent obtained. Not all medications listed have MRLs, and their use must be considered with the intended purpose of the animal, as they cannot be ‘signed out’ of the food chain. For further information please refer to the full reference list table provided at the end of the resource.